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Atlanta Vegetarians and Vegans

January 2010
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I live about an hour west from Atlanta in Dallas, GA. I know about Whole Foods and Trader Joe's but are there any other health/natural food groceries or farmer's markets closer to where I live? Also if anyone know of a good Asian grocery store that would be great... I'm currently looking for a place that would have ingredients for miso soup.

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I'm not really familiar with Dallas, Ga. There looks to be a farmer's market in Dallas, Ga. It might be worth checking out!

Thanks. I don't mind driving an hour (everything seems to be an hour away) to get fresh produce so if you know any good places in or around Atlanta that would be great too.
And I love your icon. :D

There are several farmer's markets in Atlanta, but I think most of them are seasonal and won't be open again until the spring. Sevanada Co-op (in L5P) usually has local produce. There is also Rainbow Natural Foods in Decatur and the Dekalb Farmer's market as alternatives to Whole Foods or Trader Joe's.

Love is Love Farm also has a stand for selling their organic produce at The Local Farmstand. Their veggies are incredible and they are great people too!

Ergo Proxy is one of my favorite animes! :)

I hope this helps!

Thanks so much! This helps a lot. :)

Oh, and for Asian foodstores in Atlanta, you should definitely check out Tomato and the Buford Highway Farmer's market. They will have everything you need. Mmmmmm, pocky!