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Hello and welcome to VegATL, the Atlanta Vegetarian and Vegan community!

This community was created as a collaborative resource for vegetarians and vegans in Atlanta. With a population of 4 million, Atlanta most certainly has a large number of vegetarians and vegans and I wanted to make a safe place for people to speak freely about their beliefs, experiences, and thoughts on vegetarianism/veganism, and also to provide a space where people could gather to share restaurant and retailer recommendations, book reviews, product reviews, recipes, etc.

Community Guidelines:

•Please keep posts relatively on-topic with regard to vegetarianism and veganism.
•Large amounts of photos should be placed under an LJ cut.
•Flame wars, personal insults, trolls, or belligerence will not be tolerated.
•Attacking other members because they do not share your particular ideology is to be seriously discouraged. Please remember that there is a person behind that user icon and try to be respectful and compassionate under all circumstances.

Thanks for joining!